A view into art with a culinary wink.







Enjoy art whilst having dinner! It’s all possible!

Once in a while there will be a AMUSE d’Art evening.





AMUSE d' ART offers an introduction into the history of art. Each evening a central topic is discussused. Interesting knowledge is shared and fun background information are discussed. A period, an artwork or artist are subjects that are alternately covered.




An AMUSE-bouche literally means 'the amusement for the mouth’. However AMUSE d'ART doesn’t stop there but offers a three course dinner. The dinner is entirely devoted to one topic every evening. It will surprise and delight!





After welcome drinks, everybody sits down at an artistic creative set table. The topic of the evening is served in words and images: dinner is served between the 'art dishes'.

Taste and indulge in an evening where you acquire knowledge about art in a relaxed atmosphere with family, friends or colleagues. Or join the table of other like minded art lovers.

AMUSE d’ART: an evening of AMUSEment.